Restricted Airflow In Your Air Conditioner Could Cause Your AC To Get Icy

Ice on your air conditioner is a surprising sight, but it might also be alarming. You might assume there is a problem with the refrigerant and you're facing expensive repairs. While a refrigerant leak can cause your AC to ice over, other things could be to blame too. Dirty coils or low airflow might be the reason for the ice. Here are problems that lead to low airflow and ice on your AC equipment. Read More 

Cooling New Living Spaces? A Budget-Wise Option For Homeowners

As the years pass and families grow, the home that once was perfect can begin to feel uncomfortably small. While relocating to a larger home is one way to gain enough square footage to fulfill the needs of a larger family, the cost of a larger home may not fit well with the family budget.  Families who find themselves dealing with space issues in a home often solve the problem by finishing spaces they already have, such as an attic, basement, garage, or porch. Read More 

The Main Purposes Of Residential AC Installation

Anyone who lives in a hot climate region appreciates the instant relief that comes with having a properly functioning AC system. If you're looking to install a residential AC system to help you fight the summer heat, you should know that the system does much more than just keep you cool. Read on to find out other important purposes that residential AC units serve in addition to providing home-cooling service. Residential air conditioners provide humidity control. Read More 

Air Conditioning Maintenance Guide to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Wear

The air conditioner that keeps your home cool during the summer months needs to be taken care of throughout the year. Good maintenance starts with servicing the AC in spring and maintaining the air conditioning system throughout the summer. You also want to have the system serviced and weatherized before winter. The following AC maintenance guide will help you care for your air conditioning to reduce wear and improve efficiency: Read More 

The Heating Repair Guide To Deal With A Failing Furnace And A Cold Home

When your furnace begins to have problems, your home can be a chilly place to live. Therefore, getting the heating repairs done quickly is essential to your comfort. Before the repairs can be done, you want to know the cause of your furnace to go on the blink. The following heating repair guide to failing furnaces will help you get to the bottom of these issues: Electrical issues causing the furnace problems—To start the troubleshooting of your household heating, you want to check for electrical problems. Read More