Furnace Repairs That Could Be Needed When Your Furnace Starts Making Unusual Noises

If your furnace is well-maintained, it should run all winter without giving you trouble. However, when problems develop, your furnace lets you know by making unusual sounds. Here are some reasons a furnace makes loud noises and the repairs that might have to be done.

Rattling Noises

Rattling noises are often caused by the furnace housing. A metal panel could be vibrating when the furnace kicks on. If a screw works loose, metal bangs against metal and makes a rattling sound. Look for the source of the noise. You might be able to stabilize the metal with more screws or duct tape. If you can't figure out where the rattling is coming from, or if you can tell it's coming from inside the furnace, call a furnace repair company like D & R Service Inc for help so the rattling doesn't keep you awake at night or lead to further problems with your furnace.

Air Whistles

Whistling air is an annoying problem that happens when air escapes or is sucked in your furnace. First, check your filter. If it's clogged, your furnace may be pulling air through gaps and creating the whistle. If the filter is okay, check your ducts if you can. Follow the sound and look for tiny holes or gaps. Cover them with duct tape to see if that helps or call a repair technician.

Loud Bangs

Loud bangs are not only scary, but they can also indicate a serious problem with your furnace. A problem with the ducts can cause loud banging — this isn't a serious problem, but it's annoying. A repair professional may need to adjust the ducts or stabilize them to stop the banging. If the loud bang is coming from your furnace, it could be coming from the combustion area, and this is a more serious problem.

If the burners are dirty, or if there are other ignition problems, the gas may not ignite as fast as it's supposed to. When it does finally ignite, so much gas has accumulated that there's a small explosion that causes a loud bang. This can send soot out of the chamber, and it can cause damage to your furnace, so it's good to get immediate repairs for this furnace problem.

Squeaks And Squeals

Another part of your furnace that can get noisy when parts start to malfunction is the blower. A blower that is uneven can scrape against metal. When bearings go bad in the blower motor, you may hear a squealing noise. These problems need repairs that might include cleaning the blower and motor, tightening the blower, adjusting the position of the blower, and repairing or replacing motor parts such as the bearings or capacitor.