Help Keeping Cool On Those Blisteringly Hot Days

Keeping cool can be challenging when Mother Nature throws back to back 100-degree days at you. When the temps are high and the AC is blasting but your home's just not cooling down, what can you do? Here, you'll find a few tips that will help control the temperature in your home during those hot summer days.

Have the AC Serviced                    

If the AC isn't blowing the cold air that it used to, the temperature in the house will be higher on the hot days. The best way to find out if the air conditioning system is working as it should is to have a professional come out and complete a service check on it. During this inspection, the system will be looked over and any problems identified and a plan for correction put in place.

If you continue to run the system even though it's not running properly, you could end up causing more damage and sending your electricity bills to all new highs.

Keep the Sun Out

The sun shining through the windows can look nice and make the house feel more comfortable and clean, but that sunlight is causing the temperatures to rise much more than you would have thought. Get yourself some black-out or insulated curtain panels to hang on the windows that get the most sun. You can keep those curtains open when the sun's not shining on that side of the house, but as the days go on, make sure to go into the sun-exposed rooms and close them. This will lower the temperatures a surprising amount by the end of the day.

Circulate the Air

Turn on your ceiling fans and maybe a free-standing or box fan or two. The more you can get the air moving in the home, the more comfortable it will feel. This could be due to two things, the cool air that the air conditioning system is producing is blended with the heated air trapped in the home. Secondly, it helps to reduce the humidity level in the home.

Getting your air conditioning system serviced is the best first step to cooling off in the summer. While you're waiting, begin making other changes around the house and surely you'll notice that things have cooled off more than you would have thought. Visit a website like to learn more about what you can do to mend your situation.