When To Call The HVAC Pros

As far as DIY residential HVAC maintenance goes, you need to pick and choose your battles. Some repairs are very simple, so there is no need to hire a professional for the job. That is, if you're paying a $100 flat rate just to get the contractor to your house, it might not be worth it if the repair only takes two minutes. Obviously, some repairs might be quick but still require a trained hand. However, some of the most common HVAC issues can be fixed by the homeowner in a matter of minutes, possible saving hundreds of dollars. This is certainly the case when it comes to filter replacement.

The Value of Professional Help

There are many other jobs should only be handled by professionals. When it comes to the maintenance of the electrical components in your system, you probably don't want to touch them unless you are a licensed contractor. So, if there is anything wrong with your evaporator, fan motor, capacitor, compressor, or any other electrical issue, you should have it professionally serviced as soon as possible.

These electrical problems, if left alone for too long, can lead to the wide-scale failure of your sister. The sooner you spot and repair potential problems, the less chance that you will have to pay for other expensive repairs, or even possibly the replacement of large appliances.

When to Call the Pros

Here are three clear indications that you need to have your system professionally serviced. First of all, if you notice that your utility bills are bigger than normal, it could be due to an efficiency within your HVAC. Your AC requires a lot of electricity. If certain parts of your system are slow or inefficient, your electrical components will probably just use more electricity in efforts to make up for this. That is, your system will do whatever it needs, and use much electricity to reach the set thermostat temperature.

If your air feels damp, this is a sign that there is likely something wrong with the evaporator. The evaporator is a system that is easily repaired (or replaced if necessary) by professionals. Keeping moisture out the air is essential because it promotes smoother airflow and reduces mold.

Lastly, if your system just sounds louder, especially near the actual air conditioner or furnace, it could have to do with the motors. Obviously, these are all major problems, but most of them are easily preventable if a professional is called in. For more information, contact your local ductless air conditioning services.