Plumbing Needs When Building A Horse Barn

Constructing a new barn to house your horses on your property gives you the opportunity to ensure that you have access to the amenities you desire. Many horse owners overlook the importance of plumbing when it comes to designing their barn, but working with an experienced plumber throughout the construction process will ensure that your barn offers comfort and convenience for both you and your animals.

Here are three often-overlooked plumbing needs that you should pay attention to when building a new barn in the future.

1. Pipes to supply automatic waterers.

Water plays a valuable role in the lives of your animals, and it's essential that you always ensure your horses have access to fresh water. Installing an automatic waterer in each stall can be a simple and effective way to accomplish this goal.

The basin in an automatic waterer fills up when the horse presses a lever at the bottom of the basin. Once the horse has drunk his or her fill, the remaining water drains out of the basin so that it will not freeze. You should work with your plumber to ensure that you run pipes large enough to accommodate the water pressure required to operate all of your automatic waterers simultaneously.

2. Plumbing to accommodate a washing machine.

Working with livestock can get dirty at times, and you may find that washing your riding clothing in your home washing machine can cause the machine to become dirty a lot quicker than it should.

By working with your plumber to install a washing machine in your barn, you can easily wash all of your horse-soiled clothing separate from your regular wardrobe. A washing machine will also give you the ability to wash your horses' blankets, fly sheets, and other items with ease.

3. Hot and cold water lines.

Spending the additional money to run both a hot and cold water line to your new barn can be extremely beneficial. You don't want to bathe your horse in water that is too cold, especially after a hard workout since the cool water could cause muscles to cramp up.

Having the ability to adjust the temperature of the rinse using a mixture of hot and cold water will help you provide better care for your animals in the future.

When you understand the important role that plumbing plays in a successful horse barn, it will be easy to see why you should work closely with a plumbing contractor to ensure your new barn is equipped with the plumbing system and fixtures required to make the space as convenient as possible. To learn more, check out sites like