The Effects Of Poor Condensate Drain Line Installations You Should Know

Condensate drain line installation is an important stage of the air conditioning system installation process because these lines not only carry moisture but also serve as entry points into the air conditioning system. Mistakes made during the drain line installation stage may therefore expose your home to water damage. They may also expose your air conditioning system to unwanted materials or organisms that may then gain access to your home. The following are some of the most common effects of poor condensate drain line installation.

Bacterial infections

Bacteria can gain entry into your air conditioning system through the condensate drain lines. This is something that usually happens in cases where the condensate drain lines are connected directly to the main drain piping of a home. In such cases, the condensate drain lines are usually exposed to any bacteria existing in the drain system. And when the bacteria grow up the drain lines, they can gain access to the entire air conditioning system. Attacking the entire home after this is easy, since the bacteria can be transported through the air conditioner's duct system. This then results in a house that is full of airborne bacteria that then increase incidences of respiratory complications and allergies.

When connecting the drain lines to the home drain piping system, it is important to protect the drain lines from the contents of the main drain bacteria. A moisture trap is the easiest and most effective defense system that you can install. Including it in your drain line installation is therefore advisable.

Property damage

Mistakes such as sloping a condensate drain line upward usually leads to an inefficient drainage process. This increases the risks of condensate overflows. When this happens and the condensate spills onto the floor of the metallic housing of the air conditioner housing, it will encourage rusting. This will accelerate the rate at which the air conditioner housing wears out. In some cases, the spills caused by condensate collector tray overflow are usually enough to result in a significant air conditioner water leak. This water may then drip onto your furniture or valuables such as paintings, encouraging mold growth and discoloration.

Sometimes, damage usually results from routing mistakes. For example, when the drain lines are installed in such a way that they empty the condensate on a lower roof, the drips and splashes that result from this could lead to both roof and siding discoloration. Drain lines that empty their water on walls usually cause ugly marks on walls, ruining the appearance of the home.

To prevent this type of property damage, it is advisable that you reroute your air conditioner drain lines so that they can empty the collected water into your roof's gutter system. Directing them to empty the water outside is also a safe option -- as long as the water is directed away from your home's foundation.

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