3 Malfunctioning Air Handler Parts That Must Be Replaced Instead Of Fixed

A central air conditioning system has an exterior condensing unit that gets the cooling process started and an interior air handler that actually cools the air cycling in through your home. Problems in the air handler can cause your unit to become far less efficient or stop cooling the air completely. Those problems can be as minor as dirty coils that simply need a rinse, to low refrigerant that needs to be refilled and charged by an air conditioning repair technician.

Some part problems will require replacement of the part rather than any repair attempt. That's because the part is either impossible to repair, or repair attempts could pose some type of danger to your unit. Replacing the part ensures that your unit is as safe and efficient as possible going forward.

What are the malfunctioning air handler parts that must be replaced instead of fixed?

Bent or Broken Evaporator Coils

Your air handler receives liquid refrigerant from the condensing unit outside your home. The liquid enters the evaporator coils in the air handler and the coils then change the refrigerant back into a gas. This phase change causes the coils to become cold, which is the cooling source for the air passing over the coils.

Dirty coils can thwart efficiency but are easily cleaned. Coils that are bent or broken, however, need to be replaced immediately. Bent coils will interfere with the path of the refrigerant and make the unit far less efficient. Broken coils can also start to leak the refrigerant out into the bottom of your air handler, which can eventually drain your system of its vital fuel.

Call in a heating and cooling repair person if your evaporator coils look damaged. A new set of coils, and potentially a top-off of refrigerant, can make your unit more efficient immediately.

Blower Fan and Motor

The air that passes over the coils is brought through via a motorized blower fan, which then pushes the cool air back out your vents and into your rooms. A problem with the motor or fan – or both – requires replacement parts.

The motor itself can experience electrical issues that render it less functional or completely nonfunctional. Motor issues can prevent air from cycling through the unit and leave you sweltering in your own home.

Fan issues can include the blades becoming severely bent or broken, which can cause the fan to get stuck in one place. Trying to pound the fan blades straight isn't a good idea because the metal is fairly fragile and you could end up causing microscopic breaks even if the end result looks great. Broken blades can send metal parts flying off when the fan turns back on.

If you run into either of these problems, it is important you seek professional help with replacing the parts, so contact air conditioning repair companies, such as CNR Air Conditioning Inc, today.