Should You Purchase A Maintenance Contract For Your HVAC System?

Your home's furnace and air conditioner do require some maintenance over the years. For some homeowners, they dread the day when their HVAC system breaks down, and they need to have a professional come out and fix it for them for an unknown fee. Many basic problems with an HVAC system can be prevented by preventative maintenance, which is why you may want to consider getting a maintenance contract that will take care of it for you.

What Are HVAC Maintenance Contracts?

A maintenance contract is between you and an HVAC repair and maintenance company. You pay a set annual fee, and they will provide various kinds of planned maintenance for your HVAC system throughout the year. The contract will also cover the repair of different parts of the cooling and heating system, such as replacing a part that has worn out, or cleaning the inside of the units.

What Kind of Maintenance Contracts Are There?

Each company will have different types of coverage, so it helps to shop around. You'll find that there are different levels of maintenance contracts, so there is sure to be one that best fits your needs.

A basic plan should cover basic annual inspections of a furnace and air conditioner. You will have to pay for any parts that are necessary, but you won't have to pay for the inspection itself or for any advice you receive. Expect to pay additional for labor as well, especially if you needed a repair done on a weekend or after normal business hours.

A mid-tier maintenance contract will include the routine checkup, as well as basic parts that need replacing such as air filters. These plans usually do not charge the customer for labor.

The highest level of a maintenance contract should cover everything. It is the most expensive, but it will include the cost of parts and labor for all repairs.

Is A Maintenance Contract Right For You?

A maintenance contract will make servicing your HVAC system reliable and cheap. If you purchase one through a reputable HVAC contractor, it will help ensure your entire HVAC system is running properly all year round.

Keep in mind that a HVAC contract is only valid for a specific furnace and air conditioner, and will not cover replacement of the units. If you feel like your HVAC system is close to needing replacement, you may be better off putting that money away until you need to purchase a new one.

If a maintenance contract seems like a great idea, contact a local HVAC repair company like McFoy Refrigeration, Inc. for more information.