Determining The Causes For The Most Aggravating Air Conditioning Issues

When the AC in a home is not working, it can do more than cause people to feel uncomfortable. There are a number of issues that can go wrong with your air conditioning. The following information focuses on three of the most common issues people face when their air conditioning systems do not perform and possible causes for the lack of performance.

Won't Stay On

If your AC clicks on and off rather than staying on, it is possible that the condenser unit is dirty or blocked. AC systems accumulate dust, and if too much settles on the condenser unit or evaporator coil, an on and off clicking situation can happen.

Perhaps you recently moved into your home or apartment and this is the first time you are attempting to use the AC. Check to see if the unit is clicking on and off in both the "auto" and "on" positions. If you are only having issues when the system is set to auto, you may need to lower the thermostat for the system to stay on. 

Not Cooling Well

This is another issue that could be related to a dirty evaporator coil or the thermostat needing to be lowered. Another possible issue is that the AC unit you have is too small for your home. If you recently had any type of home additions such as new rooms added, it possible that the extra space has contributed to your home being too big for the current air conditioning system.

Other contributing factors could also make it seem like your AC is not cooling even if it is. For example, if you have a gathering in your home and several people are present, your home may appear hotter because extra people will mean that extra body heat is present. More people in the home could also mean that hot air from outside is coming in more as a result of people entering and exiting doors. 

Not Cooling at All

This issue may be due to condenser problems. It is also possible that your unit may need refrigerant added, which can only be performed by an HVAC professional. Sometimes the compressor in AC units can make the system stop cooling too.

An HVAC contractor is the best resource to use when troubleshooting your air conditioning system. You can reduce the amount of problems you have with your air conditioning system by ensuring that you get your AC serviced once a year. It best to schedule this type of servicing prior to the peak of summer. 

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