Identifying Ventilation Problems

If your ventilation hasn't been working all that well, then there are a lot of factors that could be responsible. Some are easily fixed, while others might require the aid of professionals. Here is some insight into air duct structural damage, one of the more serious problems that you might be dealing with.

How Can There be a Failure in the Structure of Your Air Ducts?

While your problems might stem from a blockage or a buildup of dust, the actual structure of your air ducts can frequently determine just how much air flow you will get. If the air ducts are damaged in certain areas, then you might not get any airflow at all to a certain area of your house. Similarly, if there is too much or too little length, then your ventilation might seem like it isn't giving you nearly as much air as it should.

There are two main causes for structural problems: improper installation and damage after installation.

Improper Installation

When air ducts are being installed, there is a certain measure of expertise and knowledge that is required. When air ducts are installed without those essential qualities, they might be installed with too much length, they might be crimped, or they might take routes through the home that are not ideal.

  • Too much length may not seem like a bad thing, since wouldn't that just mean that more of your home is covered? Unfortunately, that is not true, since extra length ultimately means that it is harder for air to reach its destination. This is often connecting to poorly-chosen routes, since bad routes will often require much more air duct length to achieve the same effect.

  • Crimped air ducts are often strangled by the devices and tools that are used to hold them in place. This cuts off a lot of air flow, leaving you with drastically diminished output. To counteract this, you might need to figure out a new way to route your air ducts or you might just need to buy a specialized component.

Damage After Installation

You might also have some damaged air ducts, which could be caused by animals, earthquakes, or just old ducts. To figure out whether this is the case, you might want to hire a professional like one from Dependable Air Conditioning Co Inc to take a look at the problem. While you might be able to access some of the air ducts, you might not have the technical expertise that is necessary to gauge whether replacements are in order.