Have An Air Conditioning That Isn’t Chilling? Get Answers Before You Replace It

If you feel your house just doesn't get cold enough when you have the air conditioner on high, it's time to talk with an HVAC professional before you replace the unit. Continuing to run the unit without having it checked is wasting your money and your electricity.

There are many things that could be wrong with the air conditioning system, but the HVAC professionals could be able to do the fix quickly. Here are some things you should ask the experts about while they are at your home servicing the unit.

Seal the Ventilation System  

Every time your air conditioner is running you could be losing as much as 30 percent of that cool air out of the ducts because of leaks and flaws. This is a waste of your money, and it prevents your home from getting as cold as you like. This will also stop heat from escaping the ducts in the winter when the furnace is running. The HVAC experts can also make sure there are no problems with the piping that carries the cold air from the unit to the ducts.

Clean the Air Conditioner

It's easy for debris to get caught into the fan and filters throughout the air conditioner because the unit is outside. Have the experts take the case off and clean the air conditioner out with an air compressor to get all of the debris out. This is going to help the fan work more efficiently, and it's going to prevent clogs in the air conditioner.

Replace the Filter and Check Freon

If there is a leak or damage to the container that holds the Freon the air isn't able to get as cold as you want it to. Freon may need to be added to the system, and the filters should be changed. The experts will look at everything else to ensure no other repairs are needed.

The problem may go beyond the air conditioning unit, and you may have a problem with air escaping the house. If this is an issue, then you'll want to call an insulation company or have your windows and doors checked. The first step to finding out why your air conditioning system isn't working is to call the air conditioning repair company so they can see what condition your unit is in, and to find out if the unit and ventilation system needs some work. By conducting air conditioning maintenance, you can keep your home cool and comfortable.